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Whoops, my promise of getting back to blogging every week hasn’t turned out so well. Been crazy busy of late but I have already written a tips blog for next week so watch this space.

Anyway down to business, this is one of the articles I wrote for Bristol Property Live paper this week on smart interiors, hope you enjoy!

Most of the requests I get for projects I work on is for smart, clean interiors. So I thought I would give some simple tips on smartening up your pad. If you’re having a complete makeover, the one main thing is to simplify the furniture to achieve clean lines and an end result that’s not too ornate.

Restrict the colour palette. This is how you get that cohesive look, I tend to stick to two or three colours, a blend of one hue works best, then add a pop of colour which just lifts the overall interior.

Although I’m not a huge fan of symmetrical design, this is a simple way to instantly get a smarter feel. Try not to overdo it though, shelves or console table with lamps with mirrors either side of chimney breast works well, but keep it at that. A sofa and chairs would then work better rather than two sofas as it slightly breaks the look up without making it too eclectic.

Pull back on the pattern, of course add a little on cushions or chairs but keep it to that. When keeping things more simple, the texture becomes king, add lots of it – linen and velvets work a treat but one of my staple items is textured wallpaper, it’s subtle but adds warmth still keeping the smart look.

Lighting, lighting, lighting. I always add lots of mood lighting with lamps, if you can add a sophisticated lighting scheme with different dimmable circuits then great but if this isn’t possible simply create this effect with lamps. My advice would be to invest in some decent lamps – they make a huge difference, something I have always done as they become such a great feature within the room, especially if you go oversized.

Unless you have massive ceiling which can cater for a show stopper of a chandelier, keep the pendant lights simple and discreet.

Adding that all important bit of bling is important but remember not to overdo it, a crystal chandelier is usually enough but if this isn’t possible, add mirrors which will create the same twinkle effect.

Don’t forget, going that little bit darker on the walls is always my thing, it creates a much cosier feel, but adds contrast and can pull a scheme together – in my opinion it’s what’s missing in most interiors.

david hutton interiors, smart interiors

david hutton interiors, smart interiors

david hutton interiors, smart interiors david hutton interiors, smart interiors


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    Lovely indeed!
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