Back from a busy summer, ready to tackle a busy autumn!

Sorry for the lack of blogs over the summer, it’s always a tricky time to fit everything in with holidays and kids on top of work. Especially with staff shortage, which I am sure you can relate to, I had to priorities and something had to give but I am back now with a vengeance.

With autumn descending it’s time to get cracking with all the plans we have for the foreseeable future; one of them being the launch of our new showroom in November! Exiting as it is trying to fit this in with our work schedule took some effort but it has to be done.

One of the reasons we have been so busy is that we dressing a large house for a developer, a beautiful property in the heart of Clifton. Some larger properties can be harder to sell especially when there are big rooms, viewing these properties empty can make the whole space look uninspiring. It is therefore our job to help potential clients imagine how they might use the space when living there, making it easier to sell.

I went to work trying to create a cosy feel so as soon as you enter the property it feels lived in. You know I’m an advocate for darker colours so the first thing on the agenda was painting the hallway in a dark deep burgundy tone. The idea is that you get that instant hit as you walk in which sets the tone for the space and gives you a feel for the property. So many show house are dressed to be safe and cater for every taste, my aim is to go against this and try and push the boundaries by doing things differently.

This brings me nicely back onto the lunch of our showroom; we have been at the premises for 30 months now, started it as a shop which has been a great experience especially on the buying front. However, our business has taken off so well in the last 8 months, with the shop and other projects, that we have decided to change the space to reflect the main activities of our business better. Also as the team grows we need to create a space that feels comfortable working in and getting the creative juices flowing.

As I sat here looking at the surrounding and design at the shop I realize how conservative I was in my original design; a very neutral pallet of colours and no strong patterns to be seen. So this time around I have tried to look at things that I really like rather than trying to cater for all markets, so many bolder colours will be making an appearance and a more eclectic mix of fabrics is a must. All change, not a pale colour in sight!! Hope it all comes together!!

Wait for my next Blog to find out how we are moving things on ready for our launch on the 4th of November!

A few pics to inspire of the interiors that inspire me




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