2015 Interior Trends

Just thought I would do a quick blog this morning to say Happy New 2015, the time of year for new things and to try something different especially with your interiors, out with the old and all that jazz!

But saying that, I have never been a big fan of trends in the interior world as when a room/house is done its likely to stay put for the foreseeable future so following trends can become a costly mistake.  That is not to say I’m against trying something new or being a little more brave with your selection, you just need to choose things you love and not because they are the current trend.  To get the most updated look, you can add items or features that can be easily changed at little cost.  So paint, cushions accessories are what automatically spring to mind.

One of the trends is metallics and they are going to be really big this year, lots of coppers golds will feature in the high street which can be achieved through accessories and a great way to update your interior.

My prediction and what I am going to base my schemes on is murky tones, so deep wall colours, and if going with colour go for sludgy colours so rather than bright orange try burnt orange and rather than bright pink go dusky, this can still be teamed with pops of colour and blues are still going to be big in 2015 and don’t forget the glamour, adding that bit of shine to a scheme instantly moves it up the scale, creates interest and that wow!

Heres a few pics to get you in the mood and inspire.


Although this bedroom is a fairly neutral scheme, I love the painted ceiling, it adds interest and a great way to get some colour into a room without it going on the walls, definitely something I will be doing.


Above is a great example of adding a pop of colour, like on the chairs and in the cloakroom unit.  And the gold pieces finish it off with that all important glamour.

davidhuttoninteriors2015trends1 davidhuttoninteriors2015trends3

Love the use of colour in the above pictures, this is what I mean by going a bit more murky, both rooms are still very colourful but just that bit more dusky which creates a stronger mood, and painting the ceiling out in the same colour is a game changer, I’ve done it at home and it totally changes the look of the room without much expense.


Although the above picture isn’t my favourite it shows how to use darker tones with pops of colour.

Have a great weekend.


  • I Fully agree about the uprising trend in metally elements, metalic covering and metal touch to home interior desings. i’ve had a passion for flat pack furniture for quite some time, and i’ve been noticing a lot of flat pack furniture hacks, that use all sorts of metal applications. since metalics in general are really eye friendly maybe this could really grow to a leading trend..

    I really enjoy your sense for dark and muggy colours. i’m in love with the armchairs from your second projects!

    ps: i wonder do you ever use any flat pack furniture or you would rather avoid those?

    Kind regards

    • Thanks for your comment, Although I can only see half of it!

    • Yes sometimes Tom!

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